2022 North American ISEP

June 23-25

University of Southern Mississippi

Hattiesburg, Mississippi

For more information email alen.hajnal@usm.edu

Sponsored by

International Society for Ecological Psychology (ISEP)

The shared commitment of ISEP members is to foster the development of psychology as a science of behavior from an ecological point of view. The focus is on principles that underlie the organization of organism-environment systems at multiple time scales, ranging from phylogeny and ontogeny to learning and acting. From the outset, ISEP has broadened its approach to psychology to include perception, the control and coordination of action, cognition, dynamical systems, developmental systems, social systems, human-centered design, and the arts. Underlying its continuing growth is James Gibson’s admonition that ecological psychology’s “terms and concepts are subject to revision as the ecological approach to perception becomes clear. May they never shackle thought as the old terms and concepts have!”

The Mississippi INBRE program is supported by award number P20GM103476 from the National Institutes of General Medical Science.

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